Get the Picture

I listened to this one and absolutely loved it! If you are curious about the art world, want to develop your eye, or just love art, this is a good one! Bianca Bosker is a journalist who found herself curious about the art world. Bosker is a journalist (you may remember her other book, Cork Dork!) who begins the novel wandering into the art world, not understanding the hype. By the end of the book, she’s completely upended her life in the name of art. She begins working with one gallerist, and then another… works as a studio assistant for the legendary Julie Curtis, spends time as a security guard for the Guggenheim, and befriends a set of art collectors and follows them around. She literally throws herself head first into this weird and wonderful world. In the process she learns a ton (and teaches us along the way), refines her eye (and helps us refine our own eye), and has a lot of fun doing it. It is a wild ride and a super fun (but also educational) read. This book will educate you, teach you how to see, change how you think about everything, make you laugh… all the things. I can’t recommend it enough!