Get A Life, Chloe Brown

If you’re one to judge a book by its cover it looks like it’s going to be YA or a cheesy romance. And while it is a very sweet romance, it’s so much more than that! It’s a complex romance and WHOAH there are some very steamy sex scenes. Definitely not YA! Chloe Brown is chronically ill – after getting pneumonia years ago she has fibromyalgia and is always tired and sick. She’s close with her family but was abandoned by her boyfriend + friends when she got sick. But she has a plan and an utterly adorable to-do list…  to help her literally, “get a life.” Things like “do something bad,” and “have meaningless but thoroughly enjoyable sex.”  Redford “Red” Morgan is Chloe’s superintendent, but also an artist with some pretty heavy emotional baggage. The two initially hate each other (think The Hating Game) but ultimately fall for each other. It’s very sweet and a fun romance that you’ll be able to devour in a rain afternoon.