Funny You Should Ask

This has been all over Instagram and is quite beloved by a lot of my friends (so I felt a little bit badly sharing my take) but it just didn’t do it for me. The writing (especially the sex scenes, or any talk where the main character was fantasizing about the other main character) felt verrrry cringey at times. On Instagram I joked that it felt like it was a teenager trying to be sexy. That being said, the plot was great. So if you are able to just skim through the cheesy stuff, it’s a very enjoyable book. Chani Horowitz is a writer and ten years ago she interviewed Hollywood heartthrob Gabe Parker for an unconventional (but wildly popular) profile piece. Unconventional in that the two ended up spending the weekend together, with her passing out at his house… ever since then, people have wondered, “what actually happened!?!?!” Ten years have now passed and they have both married and divorced, Gabe’s gotten sober, and a lot has changed. But now Chani been tasked with writing another profile of him. She is not sure how to handle it, but of course sparks fly. This was not my favorite but I did really enjoy the plot (who can resist a famous person/non famous person romance?). If you like romance, read this. If you are more of a thrillers or literary fiction, skip it. Order on or Amazon!