Funny Story

I have said this before but I love Emily Henry so much. Her writing feels like a warm hug and the books she writes are always real and relatable. And while I am generally more of a thriller person, I just love her stories. Romance, but not cheesy and never cliched/predictable. Anyway, no surprises here but I absolutely loved this one. It was up there with Book Lovers which has been my reigning Emily Henry favorite. I can’t decide if I like this one more! When Daphne’s fiancĂ© Peter leaves her for his female best friend Petra, her world as she knew it crumbles and she has nowhere to go. She needs to move fast and the only place that will work is with Petra’s ex: Miles. At first it seems like they have nothing in common but they slowly build a friendship and Daphne begins to realize that Miles isn’t the slacker loser Peter portrayed him to be. When they find themselves invited to Peter and Petra’s wedding, they hatch a fake dating scheme. Only: sparks begin to fly. Besides the love story here, there is also a really wonderful friendship story as Daphne spreads her wings and figures out what she wants for herself. And there is some good family stuff too. I absolutely loved this and could not put it down. Brava, Emily Henry… you never miss!