Friends Like These

I really love this author but in my opinion, gotta be honest: this was the worst of all her books. It had a great twist at the end but it was a slog to get to. It’s a little bit overwritten and there are so many characters (and a lot of unnecessary sub-plots). Five friends from college head up to the Catskills. It’s part bachelor party, part “let’s get our friend clean and send him off to rehab.” Two days later, one of the friends is dead and the other friend is missing. The book alternates between the detective investigating the case and the five friends’ perspectives. With diary entries from their sixth friend, who died in college. I found parts of it to be enjoyable but really just felt it was mostly a lot of unnecessary twists and turns that didn’t really go anywhere (plus, keeping up with whose POV it was as in my opinion, the author didn’t do a great job giving each character a separate voice). Mostly, I wanted to know what happened so I kept on reading… but found myself frustrated it. Not terrible but not great either. There are just SO many other really good thrillers out there, so I would say to skip this one and read something else. Order on or Amazon.