Five Bad Deeds

This was a good one. I read it in a span of 24 hours. I only gave it an A- as it started slow for me and I found the author’s voice to be a little rambly and flowery (this happens a lot for me with lighter British reads; it isn’t her fault) but I loved the plot. It’s complex and layered with such a good understanding of jealousy, rivalries, lingering resentments, toxic friendships, relationships, etc. The book opens with our protagonist (Ellen) in jail. And then it rewinds a few months earlier where we get to know her. Someone who prides herself on being a good person. Renovating her beautiful countryside home. A mom to a teenage daughter and twin toddler boys. Relatively happy. Until she gets a threatening note in the mail declaring that people need to learn their are consequences. While Ellen is no angel, she has no idea why someone would send her this note. A mystery ensues and we get to know those around her: her sister, her two closest friends, her husband, her daughter. Who would do this? And why!? As Ellen’s reputation is seemingly systematically destroyed over a few months, she races to figure out who is doing this to her.