First Lie Wins

I had been seeing this one all over Instagram and was very excited to dive in. It did not disappoint: a fast-paced plot that feels more action/spy novel (or Mr. and Mrs. Smith) than thriller. Evie Porter is a nice Southern girl with a job at a gallery and a handsome boyfriend. Except (as it usually is with these types of books!) Evie is not who she says she is. She’s an agent working for a mysterious boss known only as Mr. Smith. She has no idea who Mr. Smith really is or who his clients are, she just follows orders. He’ll give her an identity and a mark; every case is different. Except this case feels different. Evie’s mark, Ryan Sumner (and their life together!) is all she’s ever wanted. Alas, after a major misstep with her last mission, Evie can’t afford to make any mistakes. And when a new woman comes to town, claiming to be Evie’s real identity, all bets are off. What is happening? Is there anyone she can trust? A cat & mouse game ensues and all bets are off. This kept me guessing the whole way through. I really enjoyed it, gobbling it up in just a couple sittings!