Feels Like Falling

If you’ve been reading here a while, it’s no secret that I ADORE Kristy Woodson Harvey’s books. Kristy is the voice we need right now during the pandemic. Her books are just so heartwarming and happy.. you always put them down feeling warm and fuzzy or crying happy tears. (If you love Elin Hilderbrand, Kristy’s been compared to the Southern version, which I would agree with!) Being the thriller addict I am, I always read them, waiting for one of the characters to turn bad or become a villain, but that rarely (never? trying to think here!) happens with Kristy’s books. This book is the story of two women; Diana and Gray. Gray is the super successful founder of an affiliate marketing company. She’s just lost her mother and is going through a divorce. Diana is 40, breaking up with her loser boyfriend, and just fired from her job. The two women could not be more different but find themselves in an unlikely friendship, coming to really lean on each other. Their friendship is the most important part of the book but there’s also a hefty dose of romance and redemption. I couldn’t put it down and just felt so happy upon finishing it.