I absolutely devoured this book… reading it in literally one day. (I had the most delicious Sunday afternoon where I just read and read and read until it was dark outside). This is a thriller (maybe more of a suspense novel) set in the art world, about rich criminals… which basically is all about my favorite things to read about in one place. Emma Caan is working as an art copier for a Manhattan company. This is a perfectly legal profession (copies are noted as such, and used by collectors, museums, etc. for when the original is being cleaned or to protect it when there is a party or event). One day, she catches the eye of Lenny Sobetsky, one of the agency’s biggest clients. Before she realizes it, she’s gotten a new job at the city’s best gallery, is traveling to Hong Kong (privately!), and living in a chic Soho loft. All for just a few strings and agreeing to help Lenny cut out the middleman and copy his works for less than he was paying the agency. This was so fun to read. I loved the glamour and escapism (the art! Hong Kong! exciting parties and a meteoric rise for our protagonist) all while knowing it would eventually come crashing down. I can’t recommend it enough… pre-order it! Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon.