Extremely Online

This had been one of my most anticipated fall reads and it delivered! If you are not familiar with Taylor Lorenz, she was the first journalist to make influencers. The book goes way back to the beginning of social media and influencer culture, all the way to Julia Allison, who Lorenz deemed “the first influencer.” She takes us through Youtube and mommy blogging and Twitter through the rise of Instagram and then Music.ly (now Tik Tok). It is fast moving and covers a lot of ground. The book is well reported and less fluffy than a lot of other books about influencer culture; Lorenz’s background in journalism shines. It also made me realize just how small my own little lifestyle blogger influencer niche is… there are SO many influencers, on SO many platforms, doing so many different things. It is pretty wild. I devoured it in just a few sittings and learned a lot… I’ve been recommending it to anyone who is an influencer, works in social media/influencer marketing, or just loves consuming influencer content!

Author: Taylor Lorenz