Dear Child

This is one of those dark and disturbing (but not so dark that you feel sick, there is a difference!) thrillers that you think about weeks after finishing. I tore through this thriller in just a couple of nights because I needed to know what happened! It has been compared to a combination of Room and Gone Girl, which is pretty spot on. A woman escapes from a windowless shack in the woods; a little girl in tow. She says her name is Lena, who had disappeared without a trace 14 years before. But as her family is called in to reunite with their daughter, they know it isn’t her. Meanwhile, the little girl she’s with (who has never experienced daylight) clearly has secrets. This is twisty and suspenseful, a little bit scary, and completely captivating… it’s a perfect thriller. I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe it’s the author’s first book! Order on or Amazon.

Author: Romy Hausmann