Darling Rose Gold

I was really excited about this one as it involves Munchausen by Proxy which I’ve become grotesquely fascinated by after reading We Came Here to Forget and watching The Politician. Trigger warning: hurting a child. Rose Gold grew up thinking she was sick, only to discover later on that her mother Patty had been starving and poisoning her to keep her sick and needing her. After a dramatic court trial, her mother is locked away in jail – still denying that she ever committed any sort of crime. Five years later, her mother is released and Rose Gold agrees to let her stay with her. But there’s a twist. Rose Gold isn’t the weak little girl anymore. She’s stronger now, and she wants revenge. This book is very twisty and pretty messed up and you are never really quite sure who the true “villain” is, which I loved. I tore through it, starting it on a Saturday night and finishing it Sunday afternoon. It’s definitely a bit upsetting at parts (I don’t want to give anything away but it’s quite disturbing!)