I absolutely loved this. I read it in just about a day. From the first few pages, we realize our narrator (Ava Wong), has been caught and is in deep trouble. The book is addressed to the perspective of “detective,” as Ava explains what went wrong. I will warn you that (major pet peeve) the author didn’t use quotation marks, which drives me bonkers. Once you get past that, you will not be able to stop reading. Ava’s life looks perfect on paper: Stanford graduate, new mom, successful lawyer… married to a successful surgeon. But behind the scenes, it’s all falling apart. Her toddler throws tantrums, she hasn’t used her law degree in eons, and her marriage is falling apart. When her old college roommate Winnie turns up (glamorous, and dripping in designer bags), one thing leads to another and the two women end up working together. Only for Ava to have to take the fall. I will say no more but LOVED this book, especially the second half of it. This is fun, feminist, and totally unputdownable. The perfect summer beach read!

Author: Kirstin Chen