Confessions of an Art Addict

This is a fun little book. It’s very short (under 200 pages) and not the best writing (this was definitely before the age of ghostwriters), but it is just fun. Imagine your wealthy, eccentric great aunt just telling you all her stories about the art world in the 1940s and 1950s and you have what is an unputdownable little memoir. I absolutely loved it. I learned so much and it was also just FUN. Peggy had such an interesting life. The book spans her childhood (which was not very happy), her multiple marriages, how she started collecting art… her different galleries… and it’s also juicy! Think… Page Six but abstract/surrealist artists? From talking about how Mondrian came into her gallery asking where he could go dancing, to her descriptions (and stories about) Brancusi, Giacometti, (of course) Jackson Pollock, and other artists.. I found myself utterly engrossed. It was also a fun book to read upon returning from Venice (she talked a lot about the art biennales and I could perfectly envision each of her stories). If you love art, or if you’ve just gotten back from Venice, this is the perfect book to read!

Author: Peggy Guggenheim