Come and Get It

I wasn’t sure if I would like this book as I’d heard it was more character driven than plot driven but I wound up really loving it. It’s a meditation on a few things. Race. Class. Power. The way that a seemingly small decision can have huge ramifications. Millie is our very likable R.A. at the University of Arkansas. All that she wants is to own a home and bit by bit, through her job as an R.A. and other little side projects, she has almost saved up for the down payment. When she meets Agatha Paul, a visiting professor and writer, Agatha presents her with a unique opportunity that will help her earn a little bit of cash. But then things start to happen. Millie’s residents (mostly very privileged young women) play pranks on her. There is a lonely young resident. Millie finds herself in a romantic situation that could be a very bad idea and jeopardize everything she’s worked for. To be honest, not a lot happens in this book but it’s still very interesting as Reid is such a great writer. She is able to capture the messy nuances of life (and flawed but still lovable characters) so well.