City of Likes

I was excited to read this as it has pretty much dominated my Instagram feed for the past several weeks. I enjoyed it and read it in under 24 hours (it’s just over 250 pages so it’s a pretty quick read). Megan is a frazzled, unemployed mother who is new to New York City. Her husband is the head of membership for a Soho-like club and she manages to get a low paying copywriter job. When she meets Daphne Cole (a beautiful and stylish mom-fluencer), she is taken into Daphne’s world; and Daphne takes her under her wing! Suddenly Megan has a new group of friends, a new wardrobe, and is becoming an influencer herself. But all that glitters isn’t gold; her relationship with her husband becomes strained and other elements of her life suffer. It’s a satire and it is very biting. If you read it as a satire and just laugh, it is very funny – and dark! It’s not just a satire about influencers though, it tackles so many of the grosser parts of New York (private schools, the moms, the social scene, startup culture, etc) too. I will say that I think because I am an influencer, I get irritated by these horrible stereotypes with influencers behaving badly. I found both women to be deeply unlikeable for different reasons. Daphne was terrible, but Megan got swept up in it and was annoying in her own right. There is a big part of me that wishes a book could have an influencer character that is just a normal girl, but that just wouldn’t sell books. Anyway, this is a fun fast read, perfect for the beach or a book club; you’d have a lot to talk about!

Author: Jenny Mollen