Castles in Their Bones

This book is such a treat (and it is a trilogy!), perfect for fans of American Royals or The Selection. The kind of YA that everyone will enjoy. Beatriz, Sophie, and Daphne (the names are even similar to American Royals, ha!) are three princesses, raised in the arts of deception, violence, and seduction… trained from birth to be assassins. Their mother, Empress Margaraux has a plan: to marry off each of the sisters to princes in the neighboring kingdoms, create chaos in each kingdom, and ultimately seize the three kingdoms for herself… using the princesses to do it. It took me a little while to get into it (so many names, kingdoms, characters, etc) but once I did, I could not put it down and found myself staying up late to tear through it. The final 50 pages are especially good – I couldn’t put it down and am now on edge, waiting for the next one to come out. This is such a fun book, I really enjoyed it!! Order on or Amazon. 

Author: Laura Sebastian