Can’t Look Away

I am a giant fan of Carola Lovering’s books. Tell Me Lies is an all time favorite and I also really loved Too Good To Be True. This was one of those books that made me stay up late reading, needing to know what would happen… it was just so suspenseful! I would liken to this book to a perfect hybrid combination of You, Big Little Lies, and The Light We Lost. The book alternates between past and present, when Molly Diamond was just 23, living in Brooklyn (she lived on my old street and went to so many favorite spots which was fun!) with her rockstar boyfriend Jake, pursuing a career in writing. The two are madly in love and they know they’ll grow old together. Ten years later, Molly is married to someone completely different. She has abandoned her writing and is essentially a bored, Connecticut mom. The women in her town are terrible and she feels friendless and out of place until Sabrina walks into her yoga studio. The two bond over their fertility struggles, and Molly thinks that she’s finally found a great friend. Of course, all is not at is it seems. I will say no more, just that I absolutely LOVED this book and think you will too.

Author: Carola Lovering