Bye, Baby

Oh my goodness. THIS BOOK. First of all, it’s not out til March and I truly am so sorry for reading/reviewing so early but it could not be helped. My ARC arrived in the mail and all hope was lost, I had to start reading it immediately. Plus, pre-orders are incredibly helpful for authors! This is such a good one. It’s all about a very toxic friendship. Cassie and Billie are childhood best friends. Together, they endured (and supported each other) through terrible things. But now, in their mid thirties, everything has changed. Cassie has married into a very wealthy family and spends her days as an influencer/running her vanity project boutiques. Her husband is a bit of a jerk but she doesn’t seem to care, and she has an entirely new friend group. Billie plans luxury travel for a startup and is always off on her next trip. And she can’t seem to bring herself to settle down, especially reeling from a tough breakup years earlier and knowing that shed doesn’t want children. The book opens with Billie sitting in the apartment below Cassie’s: having just kidnapped Cassie’s baby. I mean, what an opener. Told from both women’s perspectives, in dual timelines, it’s fast paced and unputdownable. I loved it so much. I think it may be Carola Lovering’s best which is saying a lot: I LOVED Tell Me Lies!

Author: Carola Lovering