Bright Young Women

To be totally honest, this feels more like historical fiction than a thriller as it is so meticulously researched. I am lumping it in as thriller as that is what everyone else is doing. I will warn you, this is hard to read. It also really made me respect Jessica Knoll even more than I already did as the book was such an undertaking: I think it was likely a hard book to write. The story imagines what life was like at the sorority house after Ted Bundy’s killing spree (while also tying in some of his earlier crimes). Pamela is the sorority house president: a rule follower, type-A, jokingly nicknamed Pam Perfect. Tina is openly gay, outspoken, and determined to figure out what happened to her missing friend Ruth. The book is told from the perspectives of both Pamela (when the book begins, it is a Saturday night in 1978: the sorority house murders take place) and Ruth, one of his earlier victims. The women meet on a chance encounter, and are bonded for life. This started slowly for me but by the end, I could not put it down. I had been eager to see what Knoll would do next. I loved her first book and disliked the second. This one, I liked the best out of all three. Highly recommend.

Author: Jessica Knoll