Breaking the Dark

I will start by saying that Lisa Jewell is one of my favorite (if not my favorite!) authors. I will read anything she writes. But this one was not my favorite. It was fun to read but went really far off the rails. This is to be expected as it is a Marvel Crime novel, and there is a little bit of superhero stuff and a whole lot of supernatural stuff involved. I will also say that it’s creative and imaginative… it just wasn’t my favorite. But a medium Lisa Jewell book is better than a lot of books; I still gave it a B+. Jessica Jones is a retired superhero and PI. After suffering a horrible, unspeakable trauma, she lives a quiet life, stays out of trouble for the most part, and probably drinks too much. She’s just focused on surviving and making ends meet. Her business isn’t doing well, her home is a disaster, her relationship doesn’t seem to be going anywhere… but she’s alive! One morning, a distraught mother comes into her office. After a visit with their father in the UK, her twin children are not acting like themselves. Suddenly they have flawless skin, are never on their phones, and say the word “perfect” constantly. Jessica travels to a small village in the British countryside to try and figure out what happened. Meanwhile, in an alternate timeline, we meet an ambitious young woman and her boyfriend’s strange parents. As Jessica unravels the mystery, it’s bigger and darker than she ever could have expected. Again, this goes off the rails (what happens is wild!) but it’s a fun read. I read it in two sittings.