Big Friendship

As a long time listener of Call Your Girlfriend, I was excited to read this book! I think one of the most interesting things about the book is the voice that Aminatou and Ann decided to use… it’s written entirely in third person! This is effective for so many reasons but I think the biggest thing is that it allows them to talk about their friendship in a really objective manner. The book itself was fascinating and deeply relatable. It’s the story of their “big friendship.” The good parts, the bad parts, and how they’ve gotten through the tougher times. I flew through it. If you’re a listener of their podcast, you’ll love it because you’ll feel like you know them so much better after reading. (I really identified with Aminatou’s introvertedness – and her openness about it… she said a lot of things I’ve thought but been unable to articulate as eloquently!) And if you don’t listen to their podcast (you should!), I think you’ll still get a lot out of it as it’s an interesting story about their friendship and also a hard look at being a better friend. I also took away a lot from the chapter about having an interracial friendship and the nuances of that. Highly recommend it!