Between Two Strangers

I received an advance copy of this book and absolutely loved it. This is a very twisty thriller that is fast and fun and such a treat to read. The kind of book that will suck you in and hold your attention until the end… you’ll want to read it in one sitting (it is great for a long flight!) Skyler Moore is a struggling artist who is just making ends meet. One day she gets a suspicious call from a lawyer, finding out she’s inherited a large sum of money from a stranger, Christopher Whaley. Upon wracking her brain, she realizes that years and years ago, she’d had a one night stand with him. They’d never even exchanged phone numbers; why on earth would he leave her all this money!? Meanwhile, Chris’s family is upset — and extremely suspicious. His widow is convinced that they must have been having an affair and is convinced that Skyler must have been blackmailing him. She threatens revenge. Skyler’s apartment is broken into and she quickly realizes she’s being followed. She realizes she has to dig for the truth and figure out why the money was left to her. And as she does this, she realizes there were were even bigger, darker secrets at play. Alternating between past and present, this book is fast paced and fun. I highly recommend it!

Author: Kate White