Beautiful Little Fools

This book was so so wonderful. I will read anything about Jay Gatsby / The Great Gatsby and loved this retelling of the story; this time, putting the women front and center. It came highly recommended by Ashley Spivey (whose book recommendations I always adore) and I loved the idea of putting a feminist spin on an old classic. I thought it was incredibly creative and just brilliantly reimagined. The story is told from the perspectives of Daisy Buchanan (no introduction needed- she once thought she’d marry Jay Gatsby but married philandering Tom Buchanan to save what was left of her family after a terrible tragedy), her best friend Jordan Baker (a pro-golfer with a secret that could destroy her), and Catherine McCoy: a suffragette who has moved to New York City with big dreams (and an older sister who is trapped in a bad marriage). Also involved in the narration: the detective who is investigating the murder/suicide of Jay Gatsby and George Wilson… convinced that things aren’t quite as simple as they look. A diamond hairpin is discovered in the bushes of Gatsby’s estate, causing all three women to fall under suspicion. They each hold their own secrets (and their own relationships with the hair pin). Without giving anything away, in this version, Gatsby is kind of a creep! I absolutely loved this. Order on or Amazon.

Author: Jillian Cantor