Atomic Habits

I loved this book and got so much out of reading it. I am going to have a longer post about it next week as there are so many takeaways (and for me, writing stuff down is how I retain information) but it is such a good book that I think literally everyone could benefit from. I have been a big fan of James Clear for a long time, his 3-2-1 Newsletter is one of my favorites. I really love his philosophy of striving to be 1% better every day, and that the tiny changes you make over time will add up to yield big results. I also love the mentality of focusing on systems rather than goals. Goals are great of course, but how does one set up systems to help them attain those goals. And his systems will help. Some of the things he shares will probably be a reinforcement of things you already are doing (I think of myself setting out my skincare and lash serum next to my tooth brush so that I am reminded at night to do those things) but there are so many great tips and tricks in this book. My personal favorite is to layer in the habit you want to start between things you already do or really enjoy doing. Again, longer post to come but I absolutely loved this book and cannot recommend it enough! Order on or Amazon!