Apples Never Fall.

I want to call this a thriller, but it’s more of a novel about family dynamics. I’m having a hard time classifying it! Regardless, Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors and this is her first new book in a few years (her last book came out in 2018 and I wasn’t a huge fan). This was very good, and as with all of Moriarty’s books, I felt as though the understanding of humans (specifically, families) was just so sharp and on point. Stan and Joy have been together for years. They have four children and have just sold the family business – a tennis coaching center. But as they enter retirement, cracks in their marriage (and big secrets!) appear. One night. a young woman (about the age of their adult children) appears at their door, in need of help. And so they offer to help. But what happens? Is she who she says she is? The book alternates between present day where Joy has gone missing and events leading up to her disappearance. I loved this. It kept me on my toes and surprised me more than once. And as someone who ran competitively through high school and part of college I REALLY related to the sports bits. It’s on the longer side but I still managed to finish in a couple of days. Order on or Amazon.