Anywhere You Run

First of all, I love this author. Her last book, All Her Little Secrets was a favorite. This did not disappoint either! While her first book was set in modern day, this one was set in the deep south in the Jim Crow-era 1960s. Two sisters have gotten themselves into hot water. Violet, just twenty one years old, has killed a white man (but only after being brutally attacked by him). Meanwhile, her older (always more responsible) sister Marigold has found herself pregnant and unwed. Violet uses her white boyfriend to get out of town, ultimately hiding out in Chillicothe, Georgia… a small, rural town. Marigold heads north, seeking a better life and no more segregation. In the process, she entangles herself with an abusive (but also lazy?) man. Both sisters are on the run, both are being chased. A man is hot on their trail. He has his own dark secrets and a disturbing motive for finding the sisters. I read this in under 24 hours as I could not put it down. It’s definitely more suspense vs. thriller, it breaks your heart at a couple moments, but it is ultimately a fun fast read with a serving of social justice. Highly recommend. There are triggers for domestic abuse and rape (neither are graphically portrayed but they happen).

Author: Wanda M. Morris