Anna K Away

This was the sequel to Anna K (which I really really enjoyed) and I loved it almost as much as the first one. If you missed Anna K, it’s a modern retelling of Anna Karenina (but in a very Gossip Girl style, set in New York City / Greenwich / The Hamptons). It’s one of the most fun books I read last year… such a clever idea. This one picks up the day that Anna leaves for Korea, where she will spend the summer abroad nursing a broken heart after the death of her beloved Alexia Vronsky. I loved her storyline and adventures (particularly the K-Pop element). Meanwhile back in America, Vronsky’s cousin Beatrice is acting out (and falling in love), and there are some sweet storylines between sisters Kimmie + Lolly and their respective boyfriends (Dustin and Steven -Anna’s older brother). If you enjoyed Anna K as much as I did, definitely pick this up… it’s very satisfying and just a fun read, like candy, and I love that it was set all over the world (including a train ride on the Orient Express which is something I have always wanted to do. I will add that you definitely need to have read the first one to enjoy this… there are a lot of characters and it took me a minute to remember who was who. Order on or Amazon!

Author: Jenny Lee