Amongst the Bros

Oh my goodness. This book (a fraternity crime story!) is a wild ride, truly. I was interested in reading it as it took place at College of Charleston. Some of the students’ residences are actual steps from where I live, which is crazy. This all happened before my time in Charleston (and I am considerably older than the boys involved), so I never knew about any of this… but wow. There are layers here. First of all, the drug ring. It is wild what these kids were doing, even manufacturing their own counterfeit Xanax. But it goes beyond just their little ring. Max Marshall set out to uncover a small-time fraternity Xanax ring which turned into murder, millions of dollars, student deaths… I could go on. This book is juicy. It also gives a (wild!) look at fraternity life in the South. I was in a sorority in college (I graduated in 2003) but things were definitely different. Our definition of a wild day/night was a day that started with “kegs and eggs.” This is on a whole other level of wealth, drug use, etc. It blew my mind at times. I read it very quickly and couldn’t put it down. I definitely recommend it, especially if you live in Charleston or were involved in Greek life during college.