All Girls

I had been really excited about this one (it’s gotten a lot of hype and has been compared to The Girls meetsĀ Gossip Girl with a dash of My Dark Vannessa and Taylor Jenkins Reid even blurbed it) but it just fell flat for me. It’s set in modern day (or at least 2015/2016) Connecticut at a prestigious prep school. It’s about teens, but I wouldn’t classify it as YA. A horrible scandal has just taken place (a woman who graduated ten years earlier accuses a professor of rape, and the professor still works there). The book follows nine young women attending the school, from eager young freshmen to seniors on the brink of the next steps of their lives, as they find their voices and figure out how to help make the school they love so much a better place. Honestly, maybe the book was hyped up to me so much but I just didn’t love it. I felt like the writing was slow (it’s been compared to Sally Rooney’s books which I get but even when Sally’s books are slow they just have that something extra that makes you want to keep reading), and I just didn’t care enough to keep slogging through. Not a bad book, but not a great book and just… slow! Not my personal cup of tea, but not poorly written or a “bad” book… just not my thing.