Age of Vice

I wasn’t really sure what to classify this but a lot of it reads like a crime thriller, so here we are. It is a longer book, and I LOVED the first half and only liked the second half. I believe it’s going to be a trilogy (and maybe a TV series), and think both things will translate well. The book opens in New Delhi at 3am. There has been a horrible car crash, with several people dead. The car is a fancy one, but the driver is just a (shocked) servant, Ajay. The servant is sent to prison, but did he really commit the crime? We then go back in time and meet Ajay and see how he grew up, beginning in rural India, being sold into slavery, leaving that and ultimately working for a crime family. We meet Sunny (the young, wealthy playboy and Ajay’s boss) and also Neda (a young and talented journalist, who has seemingly fallen for Sunny). The book shifts through time and is told from the perspectives of Ajay, Neda, and Sunny. I enjoyed the first half so much that I became attached to the book, unable to put it down. But the second half was… a lot. It goes a bit off the rails. I am curious to see what happens and if there are more books.

Author: Deepti Kapoor