This book is a great exercise in empathy. Like many of you I was fascinated (and really upset) by the college admission scandal with Lori Loughlin and her daughter Olivia Jade, Felicity Huffington, etc. This book is a fictional look at what it would be like to be the daughter of one of those parents. To feel like you were so stupid that your parents had to buy your way into college. To lose your friends and boyfriend and feel like the whole world hates you and you’re just totally screwed. Told from the daughter’s perspective, it definitely presents a more empathetic (though fictional) take on what happened. I struggled for the first 40% of the book (the older I get the less I like YA unless it’s about rich unsupervised teens or a thriller) as it was slow and very high school (a silly critique of YA, yes yes I know!) but ended up enjoying it. I felt like it was just a little young but duh, it is a young adult book! All of that said, it gave me a different perspective. While it won’t be a Bad on Paper book club pick, I do think it would make a great book club book as you’d have such a great conversation about the book and the admission scandal in general.