Let it be said; I absolutely loved this book, but it was a hard one to read. There’s a content warning for suicidal thoughts and mental illness, but it is truly just a wonderful book. It’s beautifully written and something that I think anyone who has ever loved someone who didn’t love them back can relate to. In some ways, it has big Tell Me Lies energy but this one felt more literary to me; the writing is really beautiful. Maybe I would say it’s a cross between Normal People and Tell Me Lies? Yes: that’s it!!! Adelaide meets Rory when she is in her early twenties and for her it is pretty much love at first sight: she tells him he looks like a Disney prince. But Rory is not consistent. He doesn’t always call her back, he rarely makes plans, and they’ll go for weeks without talking. When a horrible tragedy occurs, Adelaide does the best she can to help Rory put the pieces back together. As she bends over backwards to help him the best she can, she loses herself in the process. There was so much of the book where I just wanted to step in and intervene! Besides exploring grief, love, and mental health in a very raw way this book is also a good reminder of taking care of yourself. I loved this book so much, reading it in just a couple sittings.

Author: Genevieve Wheeler