A Very Nice Girl

A few of you had suggested this to me and/or asked what my thoughts are and I feel badly giving this a bad review but I just did not enjoy it. I read it very quickly as I just wanted it to end, and to be honest… it put me in a bad mood! It is extremely well written (though I hate the lack of quotation marks) with such astute observations BUT I just didn’t want to read about another messy 25 year old in a bad relationship. That’s just where I am right now. I think if I were in my twenties or even early thirties I might have enjoyed it more (if you’ve read this, I’m so curious to get your take, please share in the comments. Anna is studying opera at the prestigious London Conservatory, but doesn’t fit in with her peers. She’s constantly broke, working odd jobs to cobble together her rent, and is a little all over the place both with her singing and personal life. When she meets Max at the bar where she sings jazz, sparks fly. He is rich, lives in a gorgeous flat, and darkly mysterious. But, (as so many of us did in our twenties), she doesn’t ignore the warning signs that she might just be in a toxic relationship. She struggles between wanting her relationship and pursuing her singing career. It’s honestly quite sad and a little upsetting (you want to shake her and stop her from making bad decision). It’s been compared to Sweetbitter, which I loved… but I think the restaurant setting was what made that one so appealing to me. Again, beautifully written so I feel badly giving it anything less than a B, but just not my kind of book. Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon!

Author: Imogen Crimp