A Talent for Murder

First of all, this book is CLEVER. If you are like me and read a ton of thrillers, you must read this because it’s so different! There are several great twists that smack you in the face in the best possible way. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t put this book down. My jaw actually dropped at one point (and I feel like nothing surprises me anymore). Martha Ratliff is a librarian who had just always thought she was cursed in love and would never get married. Just when she had accepted it and found herself really happy being alone, she meets Alan – a sweet, quiet, little bit nerdy salesman who travels a lot for work. Even after being married a bit, though she is happy, she still feels like she doesn’t know him very well. One day, after he’d been at a conference in Denver, she finds a strange blood streak on his clothing. She starts a little investigation and discovers a disturbing pattern of unsolved murders in every city Alan has traveled to. She starts to feel like she is going crazy… is she married to a serial killer? She enlists the help of an old friend (Lily Kintner) from graduate school to help her investigate. When Lily begins to follow Alan, what she discovers is darker and more messed up than either woman could have imagined. I will leave it at that but if you are a thriller person, this one is a must-read. I only gave it an A- as I felt the ending was slightly lazy but it’s still a must-read.