A Special Place for Women

I was beyond excited for this one as I absolutely love this author (she also wrote Happy And You Know Itand I had heard it was (very loosely!) based on The Wing. This book is a wild ride. It goes a little off the rails, in the best way possible. I don’t want to give you any hints about how or why it goes off the rails, as it will spoil it. Jillian Beckley is a journalist who has lost her job. Her life is a mess. Her mother has passed away and she has to sell her childhood home to pay off medical bills. She has nowhere to live, she’s a little bit in love with her (married) ex-boss, and she’s just floundering. Meanwhile, for years there have been rumors of a secret club called Nevertheless: an invitation-only members’ club for important, (generally) wealthy women. Almost like a secret society. After a chance encounter with beautiful, wealthy Margot (rumored to be one of the founders), Jillian sees an opportunity: finagle an invitation and write an expose, taking down the club. What follows is an absolutely wild ride. I loved this book and think you will too.. highly recommend pre-ordering it!!!! Order it on Amazon or Bookshop.org