A Hundred Summers

This is kind of like… Historical fiction Gossip Girl? It’s a very fun summer read and had sat in my to-read pile for way too long (I think since living in Brooklyn, maybe!) Sad as Beatriz Williams is a favorite of mine. This is set in the 1930’s. Lily Dane has headed to summer at her family home in Seaview, RI. Her family has been going for years and it’s a refuge for her from New York’s social scene. She’s still reeling from a devastating heartbreak 7 years ago; and has kind of (in her twenties, mind you) committed to the spinster life – taking care of her younger sister and spending time with her family. Her peaceful bliss is interrupted when her former best friend Budgie and her former fiancĂ© Nick (now married!) also return to Seaview… and chaos erupts. When a massive hurricane strikes, family secrets come out, and all bets are off. I loved this. It was juicy and salacious but also glamorous in that Gatsby-ish kind of way. Definitely a must-read, I’m ashamed that it took me so long to read it.

Author: Beatriz Williams