A Good Marriage

This was one of my Book of the Month picks last month and my mom and I read it together. If you’ve read Kimberly McCreight’s other books (I loved Reconstructing Amelia featured here back in 2013) this is similar. A dark, well-written, mystery, also set in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Lizzie is a lawyer with secrets of her own (an alcoholic husband and an embarrassing debt she has to pay because of her actions). Because of the debts she’s moved from the public sector to the elite firm, Young & Crane, where she works long, long hours. One day an old classmate Zach (who has always been a little bit weird) reaches out to her. His beautiful wife has been brutally murdered in their Park Slope Townhouse. Zach has blossomed from awkward nerd to rich startup owner. He swears he had nothing to do with the murder. Lizzie reluctantly agrees to represent him and as she works to prove his innocence, she makes other alarming discoveries: about Zach, his wife, their group of friends… even her own marriage. I couldn’t put this down and really enjoyed it!

Author: Kimberly McCreight