A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Another YA thriller! This one just didn’t grab me. I mean, it grabbed me enough to read the whole book but.. it was a little juvenile (and yes, that is normal for YA but I dunno, I think I prefer YA that’s actually written for grownups). It definitely had some fun plot twists and turn (and I did NOT guess the ending)… it just felt like a bit of a slog, getting there! Five years ago, beautiful (but mean + popular) Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend Sal, who killed himself after the fact. Now, the tragedy still haunts the town and Pippa is doing her senior capstone project on the case, determined to find out what really happened as she believes that things just don’t add up. There are twists and turns as she’s determined to solve the case. It’s a fun read and definitely kept me on my toes but it was the young sort of YA which is not really my thing!