56 Days

This one was also set in the time of COVID-19 (though in Ireland, so it felt less triggering?) It’s a thriller – fun and twisty… something you can definitely read in a day, preferably on the beach with a cocktail. Ciara and Oliver have a meet-cute at a supermarket in Dublin and start dating. Everything seems perfect, except that the week they meet is also the same week that COVID-19 hits Ireland. He has secrets and worries about her intentions. She can’t believe someone like her could be into her. When lockdown hits, Oliver suggests that they move in together. It’s fast, but it’s just two weeks, right? No one even knows they are together and here they are… living together like a married couple. 56 days later, a decomposing body is discovered inside Oliver’s apartment. What happened?  I won’t say any more but this had lots of twists and turns. I liked that it was told from both characters’ perspectives. It’s suspenseful and DARK! Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon.