My Giant Guide to Amazon Prime Day.

Happy Prime Day! This is always a big shopping day over here! As an Amazon affiliate, I was given early access to what this year’s deals would look like and I have to say, I think they are really, really good!!! I spent a longggggg time perusing every category (this was fun!) to find you the best of the best. I am really excited about this post.

Also: per your vote in the Facebook group, (I did a poll a few weeks ago and this was far and away the winner) I will be donating 50% of my Amazon revenue for today to Everytown.

The Best Beauty Deals

There is definitely a lot to discuss on the beauty front! First of all. I love this mascara from The Honest Company. It is (I believe!) Amazon’s number one clean mascara and for good reason: thanks to the primer, it gets lashes so long and thick! Some things I will personally be stocking up on today: the Elemis cleansing balm, my go-to lash serum (it is everything – read my review!!), and my favorite eye cream from Strivectin.

Best of Clothing + Accessories

There are a lot of great clothing deals too! I have and love this smocked top, these strappy sandals (last seen in this instagram post they are SO GOOD and just $50; I have several colors), and this pretty skirt and this navy dress which I just bought.

Red Clay Special Deals!

I had to include Red Clay here as I am a BIG fan (and investor!). I know I will personally be stocking up on spicy margarita salts. This honey set will blow your mind too though. (The spicy peach is everything!) Everything is up to 25% off.

Everyday Favorites

This is just the stuff I always stock up on. Crest White Strips, toothbrush heads, Sharpie markers… you know, the really exciting stuff! But if you’re going to buy it anyway, you might as well buy while they’re on sale!

Tech, Books, Home, Etc.

I have had my Amazon Alexa (I have the Show) for ages and love it so much. She plays me my music, tells me my weather, looks up recipes, etc. I just added an Echo Dot to the mix, as I can never hear my music playing in the bathroom when I’m getting ready. It’s cool how you can synch them up. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Black Cake (one of my favorite books of the whole year) was included.

Coravin is also doing a ton of prime day specials; noted below. The Timeless Three is a really good deal. I did a big review of their wine preservation system but I love mine so much.

Also, this books sale. It’s kinda cool. Save 50% off any of these two books when you buy two!

Lastly, PEBBLE ICE! I bought my pebble ice maker last year on Prime Day and it was one of my favorite purchases of the whole year. I use it every day and couldn’t love it more. Today, its $150 off!

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. Amanda Weyerbacher:

    Great list Grace! Thank you!

    7.12.22 Reply
  2. Stacey Hoffman:

    I have the tiered dress in black and love it! May need to get another color today. Love that stashed bags are sale too!

    7.12.22 Reply
  3. Shana:

    snagging the air pods as my brother’s dog keeps eating them 🙂 it’s not too early to get Christmas gifts right?! Also this if you have a car, amazing deal and so worth it!

    7.12.22 Reply
  4. Thank you for donating to Everytown!!

    7.12.22 Reply
  5. Helen:

    Amazon only launched where I live about 5 years ago and I’ve got to say I don’t get it / am not interested. Everyone else seems to love it though so happy shopping!

    7.12.22 Reply