Five Things.

You might have seen this fun little thing going around the blogosphere, called five things… where you share five things about yourself that everyone might not already know about you.  Last week, Victoria tagged me in her post.  I don’t usually do these things, but I also have a hard time saying no to Victoria.  She’s one of my favorite people.


One.  I hate washing my hair, and do it as little as possible.  So many of you ask me what I do to my hair and here’s the truth.  I go to The Dry Bar on Mondays and usually can make it last through the following Monday.  I feel a little bit wasteful paying for a blow-out every week, but it makes my life so much easier if I do it.  If I don’t have time or feel like shelling out $35 for good hair, I wash it, put in a lot of product, and proceed to sleep on it in a braid to turn the craziness into loose waves.  I find it beyond flattering that so many of you say such nice things about my hair, but the truth is that it is a huge pain and really only looks good if I get a blow out or flatten it out with a ton of product.  I’ll never in a million years think of myself as someone with “good hair.”

Two.  I am hugely awkward.  I think this comes from being extremely nerdy/unpopular in middle + high school.  This goes for both new social settings, and in photos.  I almost always say the wrong thing.  I get nervous, and end up either coming off as ditzy (because I talked too much) or snobby (because I held back or tried to play it cool.)  It’s funny what blogging can lead to.  I started blogging because it gave me this private corner of the Internet to be myself, but as the blog has grown, it’s gotten rather public.  The events, the panels, the photoshoots and networking… they’ve all taken a lot of getting used to.  I try to take it all in stride and to just be thankful that I’m getting these amazing opportunities; but the truth is that a lot of this stuff leaves me feeling really frazzled.


Three.  Similar to Victoria, my greatest regret in life thus far is not studying abroad.  I transferred colleges (from Stonehill to Bentley, if you are curious) and made an amazing group of friends during my sophomore year of college.  I didn’t feel ready to leave them (and living in a strange country felt, at the time, so scary)!  Now, I regret it immensely.  I’ll probably never have the opportunity to live abroad for that long of a time period, which makes me very sad.  I tell every young person I know to just. do. it.

Four.  I love good food.  Like, really love it.  I grew up in a restaurant, and learned from a young age to appreciate a quality meal.  If I could take a bath in truffle oil, I probably would.  I love butter.  Creamy, artisanal butter.  I love a good steak.  Foie Gras?  Yes please.  I also do really love vegetables… but rich, decadent foods are my weakness.  I will probably never (despite my most disciplined weeks, and even on the off-chance that I manage to get back into a routine at the gym) be super skinny and I’m okay with that.  I’d rather have a really delicious piece of cheese or a few bites of dessert than be stick thin.  That said, I’ve learned a lot about moderation this year (something happens when you turn thirty – you just can’t eat the way you did in your twenties) and have learned what indulgences are worth it, and when to say no / have a salad instead.

Five.  The biggest (and probably most refreshing) thing I’ve learned in my thirties is to EASE THE EFF UP.  In my twenties, I was really hard on myself.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that perfectionism can actually hold you back.  Things wouldn’t get done because I’d want them to be absolutely perfect.  I’ve realized that sometimes it’s better to just get a project done than have it be totally perfect.  There are certain things that are a priority (this blog, my job, my boyfriend, my family + close friends) and everything else comes second.  You can’t be everything to everyone, and things will sometimes slip through the cracks.  But that’s really just fine.  We are human beings; works in progresses.

I hope you enjoyed these little things about me.  Now, I’m tagging five of my favorite blog ladies…  Alicia, Meghan, Kiley, Christin, and Jessie.  I hope you ladies do it… this was fun!

Bottom photo by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. Kristen:

    This is a really nice post. I also have huge regrets about not studying abroad, and I always tell younger people the same thing! But all I can do is hope that anything is really possible in life, and that maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to live somewhere else for a while!

    3.19.13 Reply
  2. Heidi:

    This is a fun little post, I like just the right amount of personal elements without the blog being a diary. I also went to Bentley!

    3.19.13 Reply
  3. Rachel:

    I never studied abroad either (couldn’t afford it), but I always wish somehow I did. Oh well- years from now when I’m rolling in the dough I can go, right? 😉

    3.19.13 Reply
  4. Quinn Cooper:

    Love your five things! I really like your last one, I can definitely relate. I feel sometimes that I put too much pressure on myself to be successful in all aspects of life, when I just need to relax a little, work hard and all of those things will come, I hope. Thanks for the honest five things about you. It’s inspiring to hear that we are all not alone.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    3.19.13 Reply
  5. Tiffany:

    Really loved getting to know more about you! I could probably stand to ease up a little too. I feel ‘easy going’ is not a word people would use to describe me! Luckily my bf IS easy going and helps to keep me balanced.

    3.19.13 Reply
  6. ALISON:

    So great learning more about you! I am the same way! I hate washing my hair, thank goodness for dry shampoo. I love point 5 – I am so hard on myself too, but EASE THE EFF UP is a great motto to adapt:)

    3.19.13 Reply
  7. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar:

    So fun! I am the same way with my hair…I hate washing it 🙂

    3.19.13 Reply
  8. Daisy:

    loved this post! thanks for sharing abt yourself 🙂
    ps- always thought your hair looked good!

    & Pretty Things

    3.19.13 Reply
  9. Alyssa:

    I loved reading this! I’m not going to lie, I’m filled with INSANE jealousy that you can make a blowout last a whole week…I can hardly get mine to last a few days (please let us in on your secrets!). I studied abroad in college and I have to say it was an amazing experience that I’m SO thankful for–my college made the process so easy and affordable. It was essentially the same tuition to study in Florence as it was to be in New York, which was amazing.

    3.19.13 Reply
  10. Kelly | Fabulous K:

    I love these posts — it’s so much fun learning more about you!

    3.19.13 Reply
  11. Taylor:

    I love this post – so wonderful to hear fun facts about ladies I love! I was a TOTAL nerd in HS too, and just like you kick myself for not studying abroad – dumb move for me too!

    3.19.13 Reply
  12. Dana:

    Love this post!! Thanks for sharing.

    3.19.13 Reply
  13. christin:

    I cannot tell you how pissed I am at my counselor who told me I wouldn’t graduate on time if I went abroad on my full-ride scholarship. I will find her, and verbally assault her.

    3.19.13 Reply
  14. Lauren:

    I love these “5 things” posts! Maybe it’s just because I am a curious person, but I enjoy learning things about my favorite bloggers. I love food so much too – so I try to balance it. Usually splurging on the weekends and sticking close to a healthy diet during the week works for me!

    3.19.13 Reply
  15. Sam:

    Love learning more about you! So with you on the second one, but I have to tell you that I would never know. You look like such a natural in all of your photos! xo

    3.19.13 Reply
  16. alyson:

    Love this. Also sympathize about studying abroad in a larger capacity but I did have the opportunity to live in ISrael for a month for a summer program, which was very cool. Just too bad I didn’t make it to Italy or Spain, too. 🙂 And, totally sympathize with the nerd self. I’m totally socially awkward and stumble over words or speak too fast out of a combination of sheer excitement and major nerves. Glad to see I’m not alone here! By the way, really appreciate your last comment…. I’ve been doing such a better job of focusing on top priorities instead of trying to please everyone. Change doesn’t happen over night but happy with the progress.
    Fun little side post today, Grace!

    3.19.13 Reply
  17. Julia:

    I love this list! It makes me feel like I know you a little bit better. You are so sweet!

    3.19.13 Reply
  18. Emily Lunstroth:

    love love this and really relate to a few things, first I NEVER wash my hair its bad my friends think I am gross but it works and my dream is to start my week with a dry bar. Second, amen to loving food over rocking a crop top haha.

    3.19.13 Reply
  19. elle [wonderfelle world]:

    I LOVED reading this Grace! I seriously wish I could get a blowout to start out the week – I detest washing my hair and put it off as long as possible. Also bathing in truffle oil – sign me up, I feel like luxury spas in Italy should start marketing this 🙂

    3.19.13 Reply
  20. Jessie:

    I just love this! Especially number five because I can totally relate!


    3.19.13 Reply
  21. Nuha:

    i can totally relate to your hair angst. i would have so much less anxiety if my hair would cooperate! and as for good food/ being skinny. you have an amazing body and youre tiny! eat a while my friend. and enjoy every bite of it! xo

    3.19.13 Reply
  22. viv:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve loved visiting my favorite blogs to learn more about the leading ladies behind them. And you do have great hair – believe it or not 😉

    3.19.13 Reply
  23. casie:

    No surprisingly, we have so much in common. And we sooooooo have everything about number two in common! This is such a cute little external series 🙂


    3.19.13 Reply
  24. Miranda {onestylishdayatatime}:

    Um heck yes to being a foodie. Life is about living and if you think living is eating amazing macaroni and cheese once in awhile, go for it! But yeah, you have to pick your indulgences. I typically only “cheat” at restaurants because I know it’ll be worth it. And to point number five, don’t beat yourself up about your eating habits – enjoy!

    3.19.13 Reply
  25. Alela Sirah:
    3.19.13 Reply
  26. Alyssa:

    This was so fun to read Grace! Word for word ditto on number 2 & 3 (although sadly my reason for not studying abroad was an ex-boyfriend).

    3.19.13 Reply
  27. Merrill:

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ve struggled immensely with every. single. one of those things. Spot on. As someone in her mid-20’s, it is just as refreshing for me to hear that it gets better. I am constantly beating myself up, trying to please everyone and make things work that maybe sometimes I just need to chill out. “You can’t be everything to everyone.” Yep. Making a mental note of that one!

    3.19.13 Reply
  28. Mandy - Other Shoes in the Sea:

    I’m about as awkward as they come so it’s nice to see I’m not alone. 🙂 You definitely don’t come across frazzled in anything you do though! I also realized Five when I hit 30 too. Life is just too short to spend it worrying over every little detail.

    3.19.13 Reply
  29. Chelsea:

    I love these things about you! And further validate your spending, $35/week for a blow-out is TOTALLY reasonable. (Think of all of the money you are saving on shampoo!). I also love the last one – it’s an important lesson that I force myself into sometimes, but it definitely is something that is best learned through time, perspective and experience. Happy Tuesday!

    3.19.13 Reply
  30. Emily @ so anthro:

    Love this Grace!! Thank you for sharing so much, I did mine yesterday know it took a bit of courage 🙂 And your very last point rings so true. xox

    ps. Really craving a blowout now, and I still think your hair is beyond amazing even if that’s how you get it 😉

    3.19.13 Reply
  31. Sarah:

    I loved reading this! Not to be creepy or anything, but I think you and I would get along really well if we ever get the chance to meet in person… We can bond over our high maintenance hair and social anxiety 🙂 Oh, and food, of course.

    3.19.13 Reply
  32. Smash:

    Hi Grace! I love that you opened up and shared these things 🙂 I think you have probably done so well because you put pressure on yourself, but I’m glad you have learned to ease up a little. And you are NOT awkward in person, you are wonderfully sweet so just know that. xo

    3.19.13 Reply
  33. Elizabeth // The Now:

    Ahhh! A. I love your honesty B. I loved learning more about you C. I can be super awkward too?! I can’t help it. I get nervous around new people and I can’t play it cool! I’m so glad to know that I am not the only one who gets like that. D. Ugh I need to keep in mind your number 4! I really want to calm the eff down. I’m in my thirties and it’s time to chill!!!! xoxo

    3.19.13 Reply
  34. Monique:

    I absolutely loved learning a little more about you! I’ve never studied abroad either. My sister did twice! At the time I thought staying in NY would bring me more opportunities career wise. And it did for sure, but its something I do regret a little as well.

    3.19.13 Reply
  35. Stacey @ Likes to Smile:

    This was such a fabulously fun post. Meanwhile…how do you get a blowout to last 7 days?? I make it 3 and that’s with ridiculously expensive dry shampoo…

    Also…I was super nerdy/awkward in high school and never would have guessed that about you! You seem so down to earth and approachable and confident.

    And I hear you on turning 30. My metabolism decided to work at half speed… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing so much!

    3.19.13 Reply
  36. Jessie:

    Three (or more like eight billion!) cheers for us long-haired gals who make our lives easier with less shampooing! 😛

    Thanks for the tag, cutie-pie… Now I’m off to think of my 5 things! XOXO

    3.19.13 Reply
  37. Chelsea:

    I’m really loving getting to know you through your blog! I have social anxiety as well and am kind of terrible in social situations but blogging has given me the space to breath and reach out. It’s definitely refreshing to know that not every blogger is a bubbly people person!

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

    3.19.13 Reply
  38. Bettina:

    I love your five things Grace. I honestly would have never guessed #1 or #2. Your hair always looks amazing to me. I need to try dry bar, everyone is always talking about how long it lasts and I always think it won’t for me because my hair gets so dang oily.

    I’m trying to work on #5. I find that so many things just don’t get done because I give myself all this anxiety about even getting started b/c I want it to be perfect from step 1. Like how do I not get that drafts exist!

    3.19.13 Reply
  39. victoria | vmac+cheese:

    Number two = ME TOO. Love this and I’m so glad you shared!

    3.19.13 Reply
  40. Sarah:

    absolutely love this post!! I love your 5 things and I would have NEVER guessed number 1! I was definitely the same kind of girl in number 2, and still find it hard in some social situations. Thank you for sharing!!

    3.19.13 Reply
  41. Ashley:

    I love these and agree with all of them, actually. But I never would’ve taken you for a nerdy chick 😉

    xo Ashley

    3.19.13 Reply
  42. Gaby:

    I’ll say it and keep saying it, your hair is gorgeous! And I’m so with you on not stressing about imperfection, I think that’s something that came with the thirties 😉 Whoever started this, created a great wave because it’s so nice to get to know more about people.

    3.19.13 Reply
  43. Denysia Yu:

    I love this post! I’m a sucker for good food too!

    3.20.13 Reply
  44. Michelle:

    I’m glad you did the “Five Things” post, it was fun to get to know you better! 🙂

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

    3.20.13 Reply
  45. Emma:

    I love your five things!! I can totally relate to number 2.. Your blog is fabulous keep up the great work!! 🙂 xx

    3.20.13 Reply
  46. Bev:

    I can be so awkward as well! (It’s so much easier to put yourself out there with written words than in person.) I’ve also learned to ease up in my 30s, but I attribute it partially to traveling around South America last year for 5 months (my hubby also regretted not doing it, so this was his way to compensate…I highly recommend it!)

    3.20.13 Reply
  47. Nora:

    This is so inspiring and forthright! Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

    Totally agree with the body changing after 30, it’s definitely a matter of knowing when to say no, but not depriving oneself.


    3.20.13 Reply
  48. Sara:

    This post was great– I feel like I learned so much more about you! It is so hard for me to imagine you as awkward because you seem so confident. Also, I WISH I could go that long without worrying about my hair. I, sadly, have to wash mine daily or it looks greasy.

    3.20.13 Reply
  49. The Travelogue:

    Thanks for these awesome and honest answers! Don’t give up on your study abroad dreams! There’s a school in the French alps that caters to students as well as adults. I studied there in college, and one of my housemates was a 50-year-old English dad :). Best experience of my life.

    3.20.13 Reply
  50. Emily:

    Great post Grace! And I didn’t think you were awkward in middle school or HS at all. but i was! I thought you were one of the nicest people ever and i’m sure you still are! here’s to aging well 🙂

    3.20.13 Reply
  51. chelsie:

    i’m an awkward annie, too! ..loved learning more about you 🙂

    3.20.13 Reply
  52. Jordan - Queen of LA:

    i just wanted to tell you that i had NO IDEA about #2 – when you and i met in person i could not get over how sweet and outgoing and friendly you were! you weren’t awkward the least bit 🙂

    and also – i too could bathe in truffle oil and a SIGNIFICANT amount of my paycheck also goes to drybar 🙂


    3.20.13 Reply
  53. Gotham Polish:

    Great post 🙂 I can really relate to 2… saying the wrong thing/nothing at all… but always with good intentions… yep! And I’m still trying to learning how to ease the eff up, always helps hearing it 🙂

    3.20.13 Reply
  54. Noemi:

    I’ve always thought that you had great hair!
    Nice post. I like to read something more about bloggers I follow, and also find out we have something in common (N.3 and I’m working on N.5, I’m still quite hard on myself, I really need to change).

    3.21.13 Reply
  55. allison:

    love this!

    3.21.13 Reply
  56. Emily:

    This was fun to read! I’m totally awkward too, so I know exactly how you feel!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    3.22.13 Reply
  57. Gabrielle | Savvy Home:

    I <3 you even more after reading this!! AMEN to number 4 and just for reference, you're totally NOT awkward in real life. Xx

    3.22.13 Reply
  58. cait:

    Love your last point about easing the eff up – it’s one of the biggest thing I am trying to work on myself at the moment.


    4.6.13 Reply