My Favorite “Sensible” Heels.

jacket // sweatshirt // jeans // bag // heels

Yeah we’re just going to put “sensible” in quotes as if my mom reads this post, she will laugh at me! But these pumps are so comfortable and I was surprised to learn that the heel is actually only 2.5″ tall! I have a lot of cute flats but will always prefer a heel. I like being tall and feel way more put together when I’m wearing heels, but I also like being comfortable so over the years I have gotten really good at finding heels that are comfortable but still cute. (My other go-to comfortable heels are these Manolos– have ’em in red and grey and they’re worth every penny; and these pump wedges which I have in black, nude, and black suede).

Also a little bit random, but I have a really good sale to tell you about: BaubleBar is having a really good sale – almost everything is 25% off, if you use code FF25. I’m going to buy these floral drops in white (they are SO crazy PRETTY and delicate!) and I have these gold earrings which I literally get stopped and asked about all.the.time. They’re amazing and only $34 – before the sale! (Ends 3/7).

Outfit Details: Sandro Trench Coat (from last year but love the look of this and I think this jacket is just really cool) // J.Crew Leopard Sweatshirtย (runs small by J.Crew standards, I’m wearing a medium)// Good American Jeans // Gucci Purse // Celine Sunglasses // Talbots Pumps

How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. My parents ended up not coming because of the storm which was a bummer, but I used the plans-free weekend to get ahead on work before I leave for vacation on Wednesday. It was really nice to have some time to sit and get caught up… I always make myself a little crazy before a trip (with packing, errands, etc) so it’s nice to start the week out ahead!!!

It wasn’t all work though. I had a fun dinner at Nobu with a good friend, and finally saw Three Billboards (SO GOOD, if you haven’t GO SEE IT!!). I also got to two yoga classes which is always a treat.

The prettiest comfy pumps!

I was telling this to a girlfriend the other day but Talbots has become my “secret spot” (well, in theory, nothing is really a secret when your JOB is to write about this stuff) for comfy heels. They don’t do a lot of high heels, but when they do, they are always really comfortable. I take the ankle strap off of these. The navy leather is cute too and I also have this bow back suede pair.

Shop them!

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. The heels look so comfortable to walk in – I’m all for large heel bases because I can’t walk in heels otherwise. Love the red colour too, makes such a statement to any casual outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Marta says 3.5.18

    Those heels do look super comfortable and I love how you styled it with that bag, they look great together.

  3. Rachelle says 3.5.18

    such a cute look Grace and I love the pop of color.


  4. Emily says 3.5.18

    Love this casual yet totally pulled together outfit. Have a great Monday!

  5. alyson says 3.5.18

    Totally agree with you on Talbots! I have so many gems from there right now — have you seen the army green jacket with pom pom detailing? My new favorite.


    • They have such great stuff!!! Glad you are a fan too! Need to look for that jacket. xo

  6. Elisabeth says 3.5.18

    These look so pretty yet still like you can actually walk around in them! Great find ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo, Elisabeth

  7. Natali says 3.5.18

    These shoes are just perfect! Love the way you’ve styled this casual and laidback combo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ms marlowe hanson says 3.5.18

    love heels! 3.5 best. what do you have??

  9. Alison says 3.5.18

    So good! 2-2.5″ is my ideal heel height. I’m tall as well and don’t need much height, and I also need a shoe I can spend long days in, running around at work, running around NYC, etc. I think that’s the magic of being in your 30s, realizing it’s not cute to be hobbling around in pain but also not settling for an orthopedic looking clunker.

    I forget to check Talbots but I’m always happy for another source for perfect heels. J Crew makes a similar style and my all time fave model is the one from Margaux NY (have you tried? I have them in 4 colors!), but I look forward to trying Talbots spin on it!

    • I need to try Margaux!!!!

      Taking a little break from shopping -more on that to come, but they are on my list. ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  10. Ryann Carter says 3.6.18

    I have been looking everywhere for comfortable heels! I moved to downtown Charleston almost two years ago and itโ€™s so beautiful and i love walking most places, but I canโ€™t wear most of my heels for long. Even most of my flats hurt. Iโ€™ve actually looked at those Manolos before, I may have to make the investment!

    • These would be PERFECT for Charleston with all the cobblestone streets. The manolos may be a little trickier – stilettos + cobblestones are always hard, no matter the heel height… I’d do a chunkier heel or a wedge!!!!