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Wellnicity Review | The Stripe

Have you guys heard of Wellnicity? I was immediately intrigued when they reached out to me, especially given this winter’s Wellness Challenge! I always mean to take supplements but get tripped upon what to take.

Wellnicity sets out to make things easier for those of us who need a little help! They provide personalized supplement solutions designed specifically for you– with free clinician guidance, professional-grade supplements, and customized daily pill packs delivered direct to you. It’s a better way to figure out what you need. Whether your goals are running a marathon, addressing anxiety, or just surviving your next yoga class, Wellnicity can design a solution for you.

You can build your own three-month supply of the supplements or choose from pre-made packs designed by experts to address specific needs like colds, hangovers, PMS or travel. I think the pre-made packs are just so clever… and EASY!

Wellnicity Review | The Stripe Wellnicity Review | The Stripe

I tend to get sick when I travel… I almost always seem to pick up a cold when I fly, which is so annoying! The stress of travel can lower your immune system and you are in such close quarters with so many people. Getting sick when you travel is the worst; so when I went to Charleston, I brought along the travel pack and did not get sick!

The pack contains immune-boosting supplements to help keep you well while you travel. Zinc Monomethionine delivers a highly soluble, easily absorbed form of Zinc for healthy immune function. OrthoBiotic is a specially blended probiotic formula containing seven strains of beneficial flora that are able to withstand the harsh environment of digestion, allowing them to restore balance in the small intestine and promote healthy immunity. Adrenal + C contains professional grade Vitamin C and Bioflavanoids to bolster white blood cell function and improve immunity. D3 5000 contains the bioavailable form of vitamin D readily used by the cells to support the immune system.

Wellnicity Review | The Stripe

Wellnicity also offers at-home testing services so that you can figure out exactly what you need + what is going on in your body. They offer a huge range of testing services… things like sleep & mood, gut health, metabolism, and food sensitivity. I am personally dying to do a food sensitivity test… as I have gotten older I’ve noticed my body/stomach becoming more sensitive… I would be really intrigued to hear what the test says!

Wellnicity Review | The Stripe Wellnicity Review | The Stripe

photography by Trent Bailey. // A big thank you to Wellnicity for sponsoring this post, and a big thank you to YOU for supporting the brands that keep this blog running!

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  1. The pack sounds super convenient for someone who’s too busy to carve out time for fitness and wellness (which, ahem, shouldn’t be an excuse in the first place, haha!). 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Marta says 2.27.18

    That seems amazing, definitely something useful and if it works then it’s an investment worth making.

  3. Emily says 2.27.18

    This is so interesting! I am very tempted by the at home testing. I love how they make it so simple to navigate.

  4. Grace says 2.27.18

    is that all plastic? 🙁

  5. Emily Rose says 2.28.18

    Super interested in this concept! Thanks for sharing!

    But, I see that the in home testing kits aren’t available in New York. Such a bummer!