Gossip Girl Inspired: Gifts for Serena.

She's a little bit glamorous, a little bit bohemian. She loves a good masquerade party just as much as she loves curling up and reading Hemingway.

Serena Van Der Woodsen Gift Guide | The Stripe | Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Serena Van Der Woodsen Gift Guide | Prada Marfa Print | Gossip Girl Gift Guide

you're going to love these!

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  1. Janice stern says 12.14.17

    The Prada sign! Swoon! Add in some crazy ridiculous giveaway with the winner being someone who didn’t enter and you just show up at their door with the prize and that’s a true Serena things just fall in her lap kind of gift!

  2. Cory says 12.14.17

    You outdid yourself with the gift guides this year. They were all so fun to check out.

  3. Lovely gift guide! I JUST began watching Gossip Girl (I know, I never watched it before now!) and I’ll definitely be checking out these gifts!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Tierney says 12.15.17

    I totally love these Gossip Girl gift guides… since, true confession, I’ve recently been binging the entire series again.

    And ONLY because it’s recent in my mind (and not because I’m an obsessive fan or anything, ahem)… I gotta say that I think you should have went Fitzgerald over Hemingway since Serena’s favorite book is The Beautiful and The Damned.

    And if this comes across as totally pretentious, please don’t hate me.


    • grace at the stripe says 12.15.17

      Haha you are right. If we want to really nitpick, Hemingway was her favorite author – but that was indeed her favorite book. I should have included it too. 😉

      • Tierney says 12.15.17

        You one-upped me with the Hemingway as her favorite author then! I didn’t remember that!

  5. Asmi Bajaj says 12.18.17

    I liked the pillowcase, as my hair really break at night

    • grace at the stripe says 12.18.17

      Same here!!! It’s the best. It’s also good if you’re a stomach sleeper, with wrinkles.