Empire State Finery Giveaway.

empire state finery giveaway - the stripe.
jacket // top // skirt // boots // necklace // clutch


And for today’s giveaway, one of you will win this (amazing) necklace from Empire State Finery. Empire State Finery is a line of handcrafted necklaces based in Atlanta. Each piece is really unique and is crafted from found objects (vintage vinyl, chain & beads) with organic elements (boars tusk, turquoise & antler). I love this necklace so much – made from shark vertebrae, pink and yellow vinyl disks, and wooden spikes, it really packs a punch!

To enter, just scroll to the bottom of this post and enter via the Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!

Outfit Details: Vince Scuba Leather Jacket (old but similar options here + here) // Joie Top (old, similar here + here) // Isabel Marant Skirt // Boots // Marc Jacobs Clutch (old but similar here + here // Empire State Finery Necklace (c/o)

empire state finery giveaway 2

empire state finery giveaway 3

empire state finery giveaway 4

empire state finery giveaway 5

empire state finery giveaway 6

empire state finery giveaway 7

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Lindsay M says 10.23.15

    My favorite piece is the kitty necklace.

  2. Megan Davis says 10.23.15

    These are such unique pieces! What a great giveaway!


  3. Kim Henrichs says 10.23.15

    I am IN LOVE with the June necklace!!

  4. Natali says 10.23.15

    Super cute white dress! I like your necklace very much too, it’s such a lovely, statement piece.


  5. Kate Rudy says 10.23.15

    Love this! Such a great statement piece.

  6. Anne says 10.23.15

    Obviously LOVE the Alberta necklace, but the Jelly Roll is pretty dang adorbs too! OMG The Bob and Jimmy necklaces too – this is too hard to pick! My christmas list is filling up 🙂

  7. Diana Guerguieva says 10.23.15

    I love the necklace, what a fun statement piece! Here’s to hoping…

  8. Mallory says 10.23.15

    So cute! Would love to add this to my accessory collection!

  9. Sonja says 10.23.15
  10. Wendy says 10.23.15

    What an amazing line, thanks for introducing it to readers! I love so many but my faves are the Joe and the Sugar and Spice!

  11. Shannon says 10.23.15

    I love the willie!

  12. Julia Hickman says 10.23.15

    Grace, I loooove this outfit! The necklace just completes it 🙂 Hope to win!


  13. amy williams says 10.23.15

    I love the bulldogger necklace

  14. Emily R. says 10.23.15

    I would get the alberta just like you have! The colors and style are great!

  15. Jen St says 10.23.15

    what a cool company and concept! i will have to try and check them out next time i’m in atlanta!

  16. Jen St says 10.23.15

    love the dolly, especially!

  17. Lauren DiLuzio says 10.23.15

    Everything is AMAZING! Too many to choose from but my initial reaction was to the Dinah.

  18. Christine says 10.23.15

    LOVE! I’m a FL girl (although I live in MA now) and still jump at anything fun in bright colors! Also, that jacket is awesome and such a perfect transitional piece.

  19. Bella says 10.23.15

    Absolutely LOVE how different and crafty Empire State Finery is! It’s amazing what can be done with some recycled material and a little creativity!

  20. Holly says 10.23.15

    I love their jewelry! So unique & fun.

  21. Katie says 10.23.15

    Such a fun necklace!


    Catch up on everything I’ve been up to lately, including a few pics from Boston!


  22. Holly says 10.23.15

    Love the ringo!!

  23. Elizabeth Linfield says 10.23.15

    Beautiful pieces!

  24. Emma says 10.23.15

    i love the cass necklace!

  25. Amanda says 10.23.15

    The sugar pice necklace is gorgeous! Love this line!

  26. Amazing outfit!! Love the pop of red 🙂

  27. Abby L says 10.23.15

    Beautiful necklace! Their jewelry is amazing!

  28. Iris says 10.23.15

    My favourite necklace is the one you’re wearing, The Alberta. I hope this giveaway is open to Canada. Thank you!

  29. Ally says 10.23.15

    What a cute necklace!

    Xo Ally


  30. Jill says 10.23.15

    These are right up my alley. I love a statement necklace and these are so unique and pretty!

  31. Mili says 10.23.15

    Love the Mississippi necklace!!

  32. Rebecca says 10.23.15

    the most beautiful and perfect necklace

  33. Janna Rinker says 10.23.15

    A new fan of yours! Love this necklace!

  34. Emma Winchell says 10.23.15

    I love all of the pieces under the sugar and spice section. They are all so beautiful!!

  35. Kayley says 10.23.15

    It’s hard to choose, but I really like the “tina” necklace.

  36. Patti says 10.23.15

    Gorgeous things! I love the aretha necklace!

  37. Alyssa says 10.23.15

    These necklaces are so fun! I especially love the one you are wearing in the photos above. Super cute. Another item to add to my wish list!

  38. Denise M says 10.23.15

    I like the Steven necklace

  39. oh I love the jimmy necklace!!

  40. Christina D says 10.23.15

    The one you are wearing is very nice as well as the one called ‘Cass’.

  41. Lindsay says 10.23.15

    Great giveaway! I love the Elvis necklace on the website.

  42. debra says 10.23.15

    Mmmmm the “Carly”

  43. Kim Pincombe Cole says 10.23.15

    Wow – these Empire State Finery are amazing.
    I really like the Lionel necklace {multi-colored vinyl, brass, and hand-wrapped boars tusk} – it would look beautiful with just a plain tee!!

  44. Elisabeth says 10.23.15

    Such a cute necklace! Thanks for the introduction!

  45. Andrea Darst says 10.23.15

    I love the chuck and hattie necklaces!!!

  46. ashley e says 10.23.15

    I love the mix of textures! My favorite is the Cass – similar to the one you’re wearing, but more navy instead of pink.

  47. Erin J, says 10.23.15

    I love the Alberta!!

  48. Anita Carol Gambrell says 10.23.15

    I love a lot of them! My favorite will be the Annie!

  49. keely says 10.23.15

    the jelly roll necklace!

  50. Lara says 10.23.15

    Jimmy so cool! Great giveaway!

  51. Kira says 10.23.15

    Love the June necklace!!

  52. Jennifer DeRoy says 10.24.15

    Mine is June, but I also love Red and sugar and spice!!

  53. Katie Queen says 10.24.15

    So many cute things on the website! I’m definitely into the brighter colors! LOVE the Alberta that you picked out. Also, the purple and magenta Sugar & Spice, Slash, Jimmy, Wynton…there is too many to choose! 🙂

  54. Austin Baroudi says 10.24.15

    I like the cash necklace from the sticks & stones collection.

  55. Courtney says 10.25.15

    Loving the Lawrence! Perfect for summer!

  56. Elizabeth says 10.25.15

    So pretty!

  57. Jenn says 10.25.15

    I love the Porter Jr. necklace!!

  58. Marth says 10.25.15

    Love the Mississippi!

  59. Sarah says 10.25.15

    Gorgeous necklace! You could wear it with so much!

  60. Brenda G. says 10.26.15

    Britny necklace has a soft touch to it with all the colors pop and can be paired with a nice fringe jacket.

  61. Alex T says 10.26.15

    I love the porter necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Kathryn says 10.26.15

    So cute!

  63. Doris says 10.26.15

    I really love the June necklace! Thanks.

  64. Eric says 10.26.15

    My wife might like the Porter one, hopefully i win!

  65. Mariam says 10.26.15

    The June necklace is just fab!

  66. G. Ouellette says 10.26.15

    I LOVE the gene necklace! But really everything on the site is so cute!!!

  67. saniel says 10.28.15

    kid curry is cute would be amazing with an outfit I have in store. thanks