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  1. Have fun in Cohenhaagen!! Can’t wait to hear more about it!!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Shannon Waisath says 2.11.17

    Great roundup. But the best line of the post was “everyone is tall and really good looking” HAHAHA! Enjoy Copenhagen, your instastories look AMAZING


  3. Cy says 2.11.17

    Fun things here! Bee pollen has been around forever, cool to see it’s getting some new press. Maybe I will try it again! So jealous of your Europe trip. Copenhagen is on my list. Visited my sister several times when she lived in the Netherlands. The people there are super tall too. I remember loving how big the bathtubs were! I would take a bath everyday ❤️

  4. Briana says 2.13.17

    I’ve been adding bee pollen to almost all of my smoothies for a few years now! It’s such a great superfood with antioxidants and protein. You can also take a spoonful on its own, but I prefer it mixed into a smoothie.


    1. graceatwood says 2.14.17

      That is so interesting! I think I’d probably also put it in my smoothies… alone feels intimidating!

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