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  1. The products sound good. Love that there is an even mixture of things.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Marta says 2.24.17

    That seems like a great box! Full of amazing products!

  3. Paige says 2.24.17

    Hi Grace! What shade did you wear in the CC cream? I think I am between light and medium but can’t tell from online how opaque it will be- I was thinking if its on the more sheer side it would be okay to go to the medium.

  4. Laura says 2.24.17

    Careful with the Wen! Some users have had really scary, awful experiences regarding hair loss – they have hopefully since changed the formula but still… don’t want to learn the hard way!

    1. Alison says 2.24.17

      I was just coming to see if anyone else mentioned this. I’ve used Wen before and at first it was amazing, but eventually it just…didn’t seem to work anymore. And then I started hearing about bad experiences and the lawsuits — I never had any of those serious problems, but I didn’t want to press my luck so I just went back to my old favorites (Pantene and Davines).

      I did have some very good Wen-related hair days, though…

      1. graceatwood says 2.27.17

        Yikes – that is scary!!! I have to say, I really loved it but I used the small bottle while traveling (and used up the whole thing). I liked that for travel, I only needed one product for my hair (shampoo + conditioner). Those articles do make me nervous (although I have so much hair I wouldn’t notice if I lost a little, but that’s another story HA)

  5. Breanna Marie says 2.24.17

    I’m so into this box and the full sizes! When I’ve tried other subscriptions, I’ve always been shocked by the price to product ratio.You hardly ever receive a full sized product and often the products only contain enough for one use!


    1. graceatwood says 2.27.17

      Yeah, I agree! And this one has THREE! xx

  6. Merritt Beck says 2.24.17

    I had never heard of TILI before, but it looks like an amazing assortment of products!

    The Style Scribe

    1. graceatwood says 2.27.17

      It is! Def my favorite of the sampling boxes as there are good things in there + a huge value!

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