Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Wellness.

Hi guys… Kelly here – Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday & are enjoying the remnants of the time off.

I know I had a overindulgent holiday, and am looking to restart my path to wellness via fitness, healthy consumption, and some new yoga practice. If you’re in the same boat (whether that’s via a new fitness routine or just a refreshed activewear wardrobe), I’ve got you covered with 20 picks under $100.

Check out these great leggings, a grey half zip, and a glass water bottle for your next trip to the gym and you’ll be in the best shape to restart that fitness routine!



Top: Koral Activewear Lustrous Leggings // Moon Juice Action Dust // Happy Plugs Earbuds // Golden Milk Powder // Outdoor Voices Leggings // Geido Matcha Tea

Middle: Earth Tu Face Collagen Inner Beauty Boost // Lululemon Yoga Mat // Grown Alchemist Cleansing Masque // Lululemon Small Towel // Nike Pink Sports Bra // Aveda Chakra Set // Alo Talia White Leggings // Zella Cross Back Tank

Bottom: Free People High Waist Pink Leggings // Nike Half Zip // Zella Grey Mesh Inset Leggings // Sun Potion Tocos // Bkr Glass Water Bottle // Nike Juvenate Sneakers

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  1. Loving all the leggings you’ve included in this guide, especially the first, deep red ones!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • graceatwood says 1.4.17

      I love those too!

  2. Marta says 1.3.17

    This is a really healthy post haha really motivational for me personally.

    • graceatwood says 1.4.17

      Haha, glad to hear it!!

  3. Sophie says 1.3.17

    I wish I had seen this post before the holidays. I would’ve asked for the adorable Zella tank. I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the chakra set. I would love to learn how to use them. Do you use the moon juice dusts? Do you think they’re worth the price? I would love to try them. I’ll have to find a DIY for them.

    • graceatwood says 1.4.17

      I’ve tried the Moon Juice dusts. I hear you on the price… I really don’t know! I have a feeling the results are mostly psychological (i.e. you feeeel more beautiful putting the Beauty Dust in your smoothie, you feel more alert putting the brain dust in, and so on and so forth). It’s so hard to say if they actually work!

  4. Emily says 1.3.17

    When is Moon Juice coming out with their new Fairy Dust? I hear they get their fairies from Neverland 😉

    • Cy says 1.4.17

      Love all the other picks, but that Moon dust! I can’t justify spending that money. Now if it promised to keep me young, slim and beautiful forever maybe!

      • graceatwood says 1.4.17

        Hahaha I know. I received beauty dust in a gift bag and while I would like to say that it made me more beautiful, I just don’t know… I felt more beautiful drinking it but I think it’s probably all psychological. 🙂

    • graceatwood says 1.4.17

      HAHA they should, I wonder if it would sell. 😉

  5. Breanna Marie says 1.4.17

    All of the leggings! Just got those Zellas for Christmas and cannot wait to wear them to yoga!

    • graceatwood says 1.4.17

      I love Zella’s leggings so much. They are a great price, well made, and last forever… not to mention, such cute styles!