Faux Shearling Vest.

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

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I had wanted a faux shearling vest for so long. They are so versatile. On warmer winter days, you can wear it alone with a comfy sweater… and on those really cold days you can layer it under your winter coat. A clever friend of mine took two IKEA sheepskin rugs and sewed them together to form a super chic shearling vest (still not quite sure how she did it!) but I’m not quiiiite that inventive. This one from Joie is amazing (and it’s a great price). Note: it keeps selling out. I found it in grey here and here, but I also found some other really cute faux shearling vests here (my fav option and it’s under $100!), here, here, and here.

I originally was going to share some goals for January today, but I got really sick yesterday! My parents were in town on Monday night so I went out for the most incredible sushi-family-dinner, only to wake up at 2am sick as a dog (and continue to be sick all day). No one else got sick so I don’t think it was food poisoning(?) but I don’t remember the last time I felt this rotten!!! A stomach bug, an allergy to one of the fishes maybe(?)… not sure, but it was pretty awful either way.

So instead I wanted to talk to you about another great passion of mine… television. Specifically, The OA. Did anyone else watch? It’s the latest series from Netflix and has gotten so much buzz (not necessarily for the best). It’s a really weird show. I won’t say I loved it, but I am glad I watched the whole thing because it’s all anyone around me can seem to talk about! I watched the whole season in all of two days and afterward I felt like I was in a little bit of a trance. I also felt a little depressed! And now the big debate – was she telling the truth? (I kind of thought she was!!!) Talk to me guys. I’m dying to hear what you think!!!

Outfit Details: Joie Vest (wearing size S) // Sanctuary Sweater (c/o, wearing size M) // Good American Jeans (wearing size 4) // Franco Sarto Booties // Chanel Purse // Red Beanie // Ben-Amun x The Stripe Cuff // Karen Walker Sunglasses

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

I know it’s hard to see but this Sanctuary sweater is the coziest thing ever — and it’s under $100. I love that it has a v-neck… much more flattering than a crewneck for a chunky sweater!

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Faux Shearling Vest | Grace Atwood, The Stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. I keep seeing vests like yours all over the street! It’s kind of growing on me.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Natali says 1.11.17

    Fantastic casual combo, you’re looking so cute in those layers!


  3. Marta says 1.11.17

    Such an amazing casual outfit! I haven’t watched the OA yet but now I’m intrigued. Is it really worth watching?

  4. Kelsey says 1.11.17

    I am loving this whole outfit! But this beanie is so so cute 🙂

  5. Charlie says 1.11.17

    My husband and I did the same thing – watched the entire season of the OA over 2 days. I’m undecided as to whether or not I loved it – it was certainly gripping though! I like to think that she was telling the truth – but I’m not convinced that she got to where she was trying to go (without spoiling too much…) at the end?! Who knows. Am keen to see whether there will be another season.
    Charlie x

  6. Breanna Marie says 1.11.17

    Love the vest!

    On OA…So I finished episodes 1 & 2 last night… woah… I’m not really sure what to think either. It’s very much Britt Marling’s writing style, so I’m not all that surprised by the style, which I think can be a bit of a shock when you first encounter it. Have you seen her films? If you haven’t, I recommend starting with “Another Earth”. It’s interesting seeing it translated to a series.

    As a viewer, I feel like one of the five people she’s narrating to. Not sure what to feel just yet, but I know that I want to know, which I think is how you’re supposed to feel around this point. I’ll definitely keep watching to figure it out!


  7. Caitlin says 1.11.17

    Such a great vest! I love the pops of color you added!
    xo, Caitlin

  8. carrie says 1.11.17

    Oh I like that vest! I’ll have to check it out. I don’t have anything like that.


  9. Jenn Lake says 1.11.17

    So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, lady! Sending you lots and lots of positive energy!

  10. Patranila says 1.24.17

    I think she absolutely made it up. Powerful story to be sure but all outsiders are looking for a clan of weirdos to call family, which is why she chose the people she did. Now what actually happened during her captivity, I would love to know. As for the series, I thought it interesting but I didn’t love it.

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